Boost your business by fostering a healthy digital lifestyle

Our AI powered program helps your employees develop better digital habits that lead to a healthier and more productive work-life

Empower your employees to take control of their digital lives and improve work productivity.

Cut costs for your business

Our program can help reduce conflicts, prevent burnout and improve your bottom line by cutting costs associated with unhealthy digital behavior.

Improve employee productivity

Enhance employee productivity by reducing burnout, decreasing sick leaves, and improving overall focus through our digital wellness program.

Promote a healthy digital lifestyle

We promote awareness around healthy digital habits, leading to a better quality of life at work and beyond. The Digital Wellness Program helps companies to nurture a healthy digital lifestyle.

Reduce digital related work-issues

Our program reduces common digital-related issues such as being infected with ransome-ware. 


Mindful technology use

Being intentional and aware in the use of technology.


Simple Program


Applying a data driven framework on every core component improves digital health within the company. It holds three phases containing three steps each. 

Increase business results

Improve digital health

Curious about the improvements that your organisation can achieve?.